What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are downloaded onto your device by the website you are currently visiting. At your next visit to this website, cookies ensure that your device is immediately recognised. By using cookies, this website can temporarily store information about visits and visitors. Other websites can also identify your device by the same cookies. Various types of cookies may be used for each visit.

The use of cookies by LoooX

When visiting this site, you agree as standard to LoooX cookies being placed on your device. LoooX records the information it collects via cookies, in addition to other information you have provided about yourself or other data that have been collected for purposes described in the Privacy policy of LoooX.
If you do not wish LoooX to place cookies on your device, you may reject the use of cookies in your browser settings or options. This may mean that you are unable to (correctly) use some parts of the LoooX website.

LoooX uses the following cookies

Performance-enhancing cookies: Anonymous cookies that enable LoooX to improve its website. These cookies collect information about the way in which visitors use the LoooX site, such as information about the most visited pages or the number of error messages displayed. An example of this type are WebAnalytics cookies. The information collected by these cookies may not be used for marketing purposes and is not forwarded to third parties.

Functionality cookies: Anonymous cookies that enable LoooX to remember the choices and preferences of visitors. Based on this information, can display more relevant information to individual visitors. Examples of collected data are country and language preferences. Rejecting the use of this type of cookies has the following consequences:

  • It will not be possible to use various areas of the LoooX site.
  • LoooX can offer users less support.
  • LoooX cannot remember your preferences about not using or displaying a specific function. 
Third-party cookies: A third-party cookie is used to record a user's browsing behaviour, history and preferences. This might include posting external advertisements by an advertising network, collecting information to measure and analyse visitor behaviour or the integration of social media channels and functions.

Rejecting cookies

You can indicate in your web browser settings whether you wish to accept the use of cookies and if so, which ones. You can usually find the location and method of these settings via the browser's help function. In the browser, you can also use the function Private navigation, Do not track or InPrivate. Via the website, you can indicate that you do not wish to receive cookies from advertising companies.

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