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These Conditions of Use apply to the use of LoooX websites and/or to the downloading of information – in any form – from them.

If you decline to accept these Conditions of Use, either in full or in part, you are not allowed to visit or use the LoooX website. By using
the LoooX website you automatically accept the Conditions of Use. However, LoooX reserves the right to deny you access to its website at
any time.

LoooX may at any time make changes to the information on the website, to these Conditions of Use and to the Terms and Conditions. We
advise you regularly to check the Conditions of Use and the Terms and Conditions on the website.

Object of LoooX website
The LoooX website exists to give visitors information about bathroom products in the widest sense. Products offered on the website are subject to the website conditions.

a. The LoooX website contains hyperlinks to websites of LoooX subsidiaries. If a linked subsidiary website is subject to other conditions of
use, they will take precedence and these Conditions of Use shall apply supplementarily. 
b. The LoooX website may contain hyperlinks to websites of partners of LoooX and websites of third parties. Such hyperlinks are
provided merely for your convenience and information as a user. LoooX is not responsible for those websites and our inclusion of the
hyperlinks does not constitute our endorsement of the contents of those websites.

All rights attached to the website and to all information on the website are vested exclusively in LoooX, its partners and its advertisers.
LoooX reserves all rights. All information – of any kind – is protected by copyrights, trademark rights, trading name rights or other
intellectual/industrial property rights and shall always remain the property of LoooX, its partners and its advertisers. The composition,
appearance and contents of all pages of the website are covered by ‘Copyright © 2018 Website LoooX Netherlands’.

LoooX offers you the website and its information on an as-is basis without any express or implied warranty. Assertions and opinions
expressed in statements on the website pages are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of LoooX. Information obtained from
the website may not be edited, copied, distributed, published, linked to other websites, made available to third parties or used in any way
other than as provided for in this article.

Right of use
LoooX grants you as a visitor the right to use the website information solely for personal purposes. It is not allowed to use the website for
unlawful acts or acts not permitted under these Conditions of Use or by law. Subject to these Conditions of Use, however, it is permitted
to use the information to the extent technically necessary to consult the website or make the website retrievable in search engines. Any
other kind of use is expressly prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited to monitor or to reproduce [www.looox.nl). The same applies to
data and content made accessible by LoooX. It is further prohibited integrally to download the website – in parts or otherwise – and to
use the processing power of the servers of LoooX for purposes other than permitted above and to spam the website with e-mail
intended to disrupt its working.

By means of appropriate state-of-the-art security measures, LoooX endeavours to protect its websites and the servers that house them
against viruses and harmful programs.
Posting of messages
Messages that visitors post on the website and are readable by third parties must clearly and demonstrably concern the content of the
website and must not violate public order or morality, must not be offensive or otherwise disrespectful to third parties, must not infringe
the rights of third parties, must not give rise to criminal or civil law proceedings and must not contain any viruses or other harmful files.
LoooX does not in any way guarantee the confidentiality of messages accessible to third parties. LoooX always has the right to refuse,
remove and edit posted messages and/or to report them to law enforcement agencies.
LoooX declines all and any liability for all and any direct, indirect or consequential damage of any kind, howsoever it arises, stemming
from or related to use of the website, in particular as a result of the use of information on the website or as a result of seeking access to
any other information by following hyperlinks to third parties from within the website, or as a result of the temporary impossibility to
consult the website, except insofar as LoooX caused such damage intentionally or through deliberate recklessness.
Any provision contained in these Conditions of Use that is held to be void, invalid or otherwise unenforceable shall be deemed replaced
by one that is valid and enforceable and comes as close as possible to the original intention of the void, invalid or unenforceable
provision. The other provisions shall remain fully in force.
Sale of products
The sale of products on the website is subject to the Terms and Conditions published on the website. In situations concerning the sale of
products, these present Conditions of Use shall apply supplementarily. In the event of conflicting provisions the Terms and Conditions
shall prevail.
Applicable law and forum
Any disputes in any way related to use of the website, including matters held to be a dispute by only one party, shall be governed
exclusively by the laws of the Netherlands and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the courts at Deventer.

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