Create your dream bathroom with LoooX

Welcome to the LoooX Bathroom Experience! At LoooX, we make gorgeous oak bathroom furniture, stylish bathroom mirrors, handy accessories and more. Admire our luxurious bathroom collection and let us inspire you with our options.

Pure nature

Every day, our furniture makers produce the most wonderful LoooX products, including the LoooX Wood Collection. The Wood Collection includes a series of gorgeous bathroom furniture made of solid oak. The wooden furniture gives your bathroom a robust and luxury feel. For example solid oak cabinets, counter tops and more. Let us inspire you!

Discover our mirrors

Check out the LoooX Mirror Collection, a series of innovative and stylish bathroom mirrors. The LoooX bathroom mirrors give your bathroom a luxurious feel. Many of our mirrors have atmospheric led lighting and handy mirror heating. We have carefully developed our extensive collection.

Handy bathroom accessories

Interested in our LoooX special collection? LoooX has a series of different bathroom accessories which make an ideal addition to the bathroom. View our handy storage boxes and integrated narrow shelfs for the bathroom.

Tidy home, tidy mind

Discover our innovative toilet solutions in our LoooX Closed series. For example, we have various storage systems for the toilet brush, toilet rolls and toilet roll holders. Did you know that with the LoooX CL1, you can store 6 toilet rolls in the wall?
And that’s not all! Browse through our website and be inspired by our entire bathroom collection. LoooX good! And we are constantly innovating. So follow us on the website and on social media.
Enjoy your dream bathroom!



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