Elegant bathroom mirror

LoooX bathroom mirrors give your bathroom a luxurious feel. The mirrors are practical in use, modern in design and available in different models ✓Bespoke options possible!

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Extra information

The LoooX Mirror B-Line is an elegant bathroom mirror with separate led lighting. The LoooX Mirror B-Line can be perfectly combined with our other LoooX products and makes a lovely addition to the bathroom. Obviously using the best technology and materials. 

For example, the mirror is heated. This useful function ensures that the mirror never steams up. So you can comb your hair or do your make up without having to wipe away the condensation first. The LoooX Mirror B-Line is available in 4 standard models. Bespoke options are also possible of course.

Technical specifications


  • Material Aluminium
  • Lighting Separate / optional
  • Operation On / off switch
  • Extra Mirror heating

Technical specifications

B-Line lamp

  • Lighting LED
  • Operation On / off switch


Length Height Articlenumber
60 cm 65 cm SP600-650
80 cm 65 cm SP800-650
100 cm 65 cm SP1000-650
120 cm 65 cm SP1200-650


Size Watt Articlenumber
40 cm 4 W SPLAMP-40
60 cm 6 W SPLAMP-60


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