Custom-made bathroom mirror? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Design your ideal custom-made bathroom mirror! Our LoooX mirrors are available in a wide range of models.  In fact, everything is possible. Be inspired!

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A beautiful mirror is indispensable in the bathroom. Every day, we spend an average of forty-five minutes in front of the mirror. You will always find a top-quality LoooX mirror in our extensive collection that meets your needs.

The most beautiful bathroom mirrors made to measure

Bathroom mirrors are available in many different models. Many of our bathroom mirrors are fitted with bright LED lighting and handy mirror heating. You can order our mirrors in exactly the size you want. In fact, everything is possible. For example, you can choose exactly the size you want. You can also have your bathroom mirror fitted with different types of lighting, switches, heating, rounded corners and even a Bluetooth speaker. 

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Mirrors with different light colours

We now also have bathroom mirrors with different light colours. This lighting has an adjustable colour temperature (CCT) so that you can switch between white and warm light. Switch between the colour temperature of 2,700 to 6,000 Kelvin. 

Where can I buy a custom-made LoooX mirror? 

You can buy a custom-made LoooX mirror at one of our sales outlets! Click here to find the sales outlet closest to you. Click here to display our full range of bathroom mirrors and be amazed at all the possible options. 

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