Stylish washbasin

Looking for an eye-catching washbasin? Check out our Stone series. Real eye-catchers for your bathroom. These washbasins are made of natural stone and have an eye-catching and stylish look. 

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The Sink Collection consists of three types of washbasins. Are you looking for a real attention grabber? Then check out our stylish Stone series.

Stylish natural stone

This series includes two natural stone washbasins, the Stone Low and the Stone High. Natural stone washbasins with a unique look, available in black.

The Stone Low has dimensions of Ø420 x 130/200 mm. The back of the sink is 200 mm high and the front is 130 mm high. This means that the sink is sloping forward.The Stone High has dimensions of Ø400 x 230/300 mm. An eye-catching high design in your bathroom! The Stone Collection is made of marble. 

Like to see the total collection? Check out our LoooX collection page.

Technical specifications

Stone Low

  • Diametre 42 cm
  • Height 13/20 cm
  • Material Marble

Technical specifications

Stone High

  • Diametre 40 cm
  • Height 23/30 cm
  • Material Marble


Stone Low WWK42STZW
Stone High WWK40STZW

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