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View our LoooX Special Collection. A series of different bathroom accessories which are an ideal addition to the bathroom.

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The T-BoX recess can be hidden behind the wall tiles. Visible edges and the inside of these models have a colour finish.
All our LoooX storage boxes are available in various sizes and colours! View all the options!

Technical specifications

T-BoX - Tileable

  • Material Stainless steel
  • Colour Anthracite, white or brushed stainless steel
  • Depth 10 or 14 cm
  • Extra Tileable built-in recess with door. The pictured tile is not included in the delivery

Articlenumbers T-BoX 10 cm depth for building in

15 cm 30 cm
Anthracite BOXTA15-10 BOXTA30-10
White BOXTW15-10 BOXTW30-10
Brushed sst BOXT15-10 BOXT30-10

Articlenumbers T-BoX 14 cm depth for building in

15 cm 30 cm
Anthracite BOXTA15-14 BOXTA30-14
White BOXTW15-14 BOXTW30-14
Brushed sst BOXT15-14 BOXT30-14

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