Caring for stainless steel

Read here how best to care for a stainless steel product from our LoooX collection. This will maintain the quality of the stainless steel.  

Stainless steel 

External contamination can result in surface rust on the stainless steel. This takes the form of orange discolouration on the stainless steel and feels rough. Surface rust is easy to remove with the LoooX stainless steel treatment kit. This is a special cleaning agent for maintaining brushed stainless steel. Use it to effectively remove (light) rust spots.

The LoooX stainless steel treatment kit

The stainless steel treatment kit consists of 100 ml soft cleaner, 100 ml protect, a sponge and latex gloves. Make sure that the surface is dry and clean before using it. This prevents aggressive substances penetrating the surface. Note: always use in combination with the gloves supplied to prevent any irritation. Open the kit and take the 100 ml soft cleaner first. Shake well before use. Then apply the cleaner to the product with a damp sponge and leave for 1 minute. 

Then wipe the sponge firmly over the material (polish/scrub). Always move the sponge in the direction of the material. In the case of stubborn rust spots, the white side of the sponge can be carefully used. Then remove the rest with a damp cloth. Remember to do this carefully to prevent rubbing dirt back into the pores. 

Then use the 100 ml protect to add a protective layer. Dilute the protect with water for daily use (50 ml to 1 litre water). Then use a sponge or cloth to protect the surface. For an optimal result, rinse the surface with cold water.  

Our tips

Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents like bleaches or silver polish and sharp/abrasive cleaning materials like scouring sponges. These products are not good for stainless steel. When using tile and pointing cleaner, the product must be rinsed with plenty of clear water. 

Stainless steel treatment kit


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