Oak repair

Read here how to easily repair unevenness on oak bathroom furniture.

Oak is a natural product

The charm of oak lies in the fact that it is a natural product. It has grown over the years and has been able to absorb lots of CO2. This makes each product unique. Despite our protective layers, (light) damage or spots can occur after a while. This does not affect its use, but you want to prevent this for aesthetic reasons. With the LoooX Wood Repair Set, you can remove any unevenness very easily. 

LoooX Wood Repair Set

With the LoooX Wood Repair Set, you can easily restore the original appearance of the oak. The set consists of an anti-aging stain (50 ml), protective oil (50 ml), scouring sponge and a cloth. Make sure that the surface of the oak is dry and clean before using it. Then rub the surface with the scouring sponge. Shake the stain well before use and apply a small amount to the cloth. Then treat the product and leave to dry thoroughly. After an hour, treat the product with the protective oil. Shake the oil before use. Apply the oil to the second cloth and treat the product. Allow the oil to dry.

Our tips 

Always make sure that the bathroom furniture is clean and dry after use. Don’t leave damp shaving foam or hair spray cans on the furniture. These can cause rings. Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents and sharp/abrasive cleaning materials like scouring sponges. These products are not good for solid oak. 

Wood Repair Set


Wood Maintenance Set


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